HAVE YOU HEARD? ... (IF FOOD COULD TALK! A-very-daring-confession..)

     When I tell people that food talks to me, a mocking grin starts forming at the corner of their lips and their eyes suddenly become inquisitive, as if to make sure I am not crazy. At least this kept happening for a long time, until one day I mentioned it to one of my dearest cousins, who happens to be a chef, and who told me that he completely understood what I was talking about. At that moment, for the first time, I felt I was being heard just like my food!
    Once I read somewhere that in order to be a great cook, all of your senses have to come together (Yes! All of them!), and I believe that the real reason why I "hear my food talking to me" is because my passion for good food allows me to be in symbiosis with what I cook, and every single cell in my body is one with my creations.
    In fact, though I am trying to compile all of the ingredients and their measurements in this Blog to make it easier for my followers to accomplish certain dishes, no one food is ever cooked by me the same way twice. Based on what my sense of smell tells me, and how I am feeling in a particular moment, I may decide to add ginger rather than another spice at any point, or to skip it at all. 
I may decide to cook the food in a pan, or bake the same dish by introducing a spice I have never used or may have been afraid of using. These decisions are all up to my food and what its aromas are telling me. (I promise you again that I am not crazy! :)
    Though I am not one of those cooks who taste their dishes before serving them, somehow, by "listening to my food", they always come out almost perfect, though sometimes they may need a bit of extra salt here and there...
So, my questions to you are: 
- If the food you cook were talking to you, what type of ingredients 
or flavorings would it be asking for
Would it "tell you" that you should be more adventurous in your 
Cuisineor more conservative? 
     ...All I am saying is that you can follow any recipe you want to the T, but if you also take into consideration how you feel about the food you are creating and the messages that "it sends you", if you take the time to pay attention to the aromas and the noises it emanates (and why not, what it tastes like as it is brewing),  and most of all,  if you set yourself to be in tune with it, your dishes will thank you with extraordinary unforgettable flavors! 
So, maybe we should all "listen to our food a bit more" and simply seize the moment of our cooking experiences to feel enriched.
    Let's get cooking then, and let's open up those senses to be amazed by what our food and ourselves can be transformed into through our cuisine!

Buon Appetito!
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