This BBQ sauce was a result of two coinciding conditions: 
- Reason #1: Out of my family's desperation for not being able for the longest time to find a GF version in the store that may not be filled with junk ingredients; 
- Reason #2: my obsession with using up every single food/ingredient in the house that may be expiring soon. 
    So, in the name of "let's not waste any food" I came up with my own home-made version that actually turned out to be quite delicious and can have unlimited food applications.
    Growing up and learning how to cook in Italy as a teenager, I never knew that the wonderful spices I would become accustomed to using later in life would be such a revelation in the flavoring of foods. 
The only herbs I always used were the usual Italian ones (Parsley - which we put in absolutely everything!- basil, and oregano). 
    Then, when I came to the United States, and got a taste (and whiff) of some of the other great spices that make cooking so interesting, I decided that my food would still keep that Italian authentic taste, but that I  also wanted to explore further, through the use of spices I head only heard of but never tried. (I guess we can call my cuisine "a bit of a fusion between Italian and International flavors").
    I love painting with spices, and I feel that I am doing just that when I get ready to sprinkle them here and there, as I observe how the color of the foods changes, all the while anticipating my family's expression at the dinner table, as I quiz them to see if they can figure out which ones I used on a given day.
                                                     So let's make this stress-free BBQ sauce! 
                            HOME-MADE BBQ SAUCE (SALSA BARBEQUE FATTA IN CASA)     đŸ„„

Ingredients: (In alphabetically order for you so they are easier to remember ;)
  • 1 cup 1/2 of your favorite GF Ketchup (no-junk ingredients!)
  • 2 tbs each of the following powders/herbs: 
           (In alphabetical order for you so they are easier to remember ;) 
            - cajun

            - chilli
            - chipotle
            - creole seasoning
            - ginger
            - oregano

Let's get mixing...
  • In a small bowl pour 1 cup 1/2 of the Ketchup (or more according to how much you will need for your dish or as condiment)
  • Pour in all the spices and the herbs
  • Mix, cover, and leave to set in the refrigerator until ready to use
Buon Appetito!
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