This one-dish meal idea may take some time to prep, but the steps are easy to follow, the ingredients can be changed each time, and you can turn it into your very own special recipe with the simple addition of your favorite veggie. 
I have seen my mom make these stuffed peppers countless times growing up back in Italy, and each bite would bring an explosion of flavors in my mouth that made me feel lucky to be able to taste such gourmet foods in my own house. Throughout the years, I have tried to incorporate different flavors by combining elements that would give the finished dish not only a great taste, but also a firm texture, and I am happy to share with you what has worked for me (like using mushrooms, zucchine, carrots, cheese, rice, and even mashed potatoes). So if you are ready to dive into this great recipe, make sure to also be on the look out for my usual tips in green that I hope will help you cut some corners and make it a success.
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(Serves 4)
  • 3 Organic tricolor peppers
  • 1 organic zucchina
  • 4 small organic potatoes (or 2 large ones - any variety) / or some mashed potatoes
  • 1 box of Champignon mushrooms (or 2 large portobello mushrooms)
  • 1/4 tsp of the following spices in powder form: ginger, paprika, nutmeg
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • some EVOO
  • your favorite melting cheese
  • (Optional: some grated Parmigiano Reggiano, and/or toasted GF cubed bread)

Let's get cooking:
(To prep the veggies)
  • Wash, dry and - after removing the stems - chop the mushrooms in small cubes 
  • In a non-stick frying pan, sprinkle some EVOO, and let heat on low for one minute. Place the chopped mushrooms in the oil and sauté for three minutes on low. Add salt, and pepper and take the pan off the heat
  • Wash, peel and finely chop the zucchina and the potatoes as you did with the mushrooms (It is important here to make sure that all of the vegetables are chopped in the same size to ensure that they will cook thoroughly and equally, and also to render a homogenous texture)
  • Turn the heat back on under the pan, and add all of the chopped veggies
  • Sauté for three minutes (or until the potatoes turn translucent) on medium heat, stirring occasionally
  • Add some more salt and pepper to taste, and the spices
  • (Optional: If you happen to have some mashed potatoes in the fridge and/or some cooked rice, now would be the perfect time to stir them into the pan and not incorporate the fresh potatoes. Alternatively, if you decide to incorporate the cubed GF toasted bread, you can do so after cooking the veggies)
  • Turn the heat off. While the mixture is cooling in the pan, cut the peppers in half longways, and remove the seeds from inside
  • (Another efficient way to stuff them is to leave them whole. Simply cut around the stem and make a top with it that fits perfectly to seal the pepper after it's been filled)
  • Place the pepper halves in an oven safe glassware, and add 1/2" of cold water in the bottom of the baking dish
Let's get baking: 
  • Preheat the oven on "bake" to 400 degree Fahrenheit
  • Fill each pepper generously with the ingredients you have mixed in the pan (and the GF bread, should you choose to add it) - DO NOT BE AFRAID TO GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY AND TO USE YOUR FINGERS TO PUSH THE STUFFING IN THE NOOKS AND CRANNIES ;)
  • Bake the peppers with a piece of foil loosely covering the glassware for 35 minutes
  • Uncover, and cook for 15 more minutes before placing the melting cheese on them/or spreading the mashed potatoes on top (which you can spread on top with the help of a spoon and a fork, or by placing them in a plastic baggie that you will then use as a pocket bag to give it a gourmet look)
  • Broil on low for 5-7 minutes paying attention not to burn the cheese/mashed potatoes
  • Serve hot or save in a tight container in the refrigerator to enjoy on the go, or to reheat the next day
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