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    My name is Barbara and I am a family-proclaimed home chef, personal chef and gluten-free food trainer and enthusiast. I am the creator and host of Stressfree-Glutenfree™, and I cannot wait to share my recipes with you!
My family and I came up with this name over 6 years ago, as a result of browsing through books that were full of unrealistic recipes that required unusual ingredients.
    Because cooking on a specialty diet should not cause any stress to anyone, in this Blog, I will help you cut some corners so that you will be able to enjoy cooking your very own creations with tricks and suggestions that will turn them into tasty and easy dishes. (Make sure you look for my tips & tricks in green throughout the recipes, which hopefully will be useful in making your life easier)
    I absolutely love food, and I am intrigued by the way one can transform or pair specific ingredients to come up with delicious gluten-free choices for even the pickiest of palates. 
Throughout my posts, I am going to share my food experiences with you, and being a teacher by nature (and trade), I will include some anecdotes and cultural facts about my wonderful country (Italy) that I am sure you will find interesting.
    Having myself been diagnosed late in life, and being part of a family where all of the members have Celiac disease, we have certainly had our fair share of doubts when it came to what we could or could not eat for at least the first year after the diagnosis; so I truly hope that the recipes we have developed and tested throughout the years will serve as an inspiration and a visual encouragement to get you (back) in the kitchen so that you may take charge of your health and start healing your gut while still being able to enjoy healthy tasty foods. 
My absolute goal is to celebrate great food with my readers and help everyone feel empowered in their Gluten Free journey!
    I hope that you will enjoy reading this Blog and will find joy in reproducing our dishes, and most of all, that you will keep coming back for more ideas on a regular basis. Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, and make sure you subscribe to receive new recipes as soon as they come out.

    ... And now, let's make cooking gluten-free stress-free together! ... 

🍒 Buon Appetito! 🍒

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